100% Maui (12oz)
100% Maui (12oz)

100% Maui (12oz)

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100% Maui coffee from the MauiGrown Estate is a large (1000+ acre) co-op style operation between the Maui West Mountain and Haleakala slopes.

Brew Recipe

(1:15 ratio) 25 g coffee, 375 ml water, 200℉, 2:50 brew time

fine/medium grind filter brew

Tasting Notes:

Variety: Yellow Caturra

Processing: Fruit dried 

  • Medium-dark roast
  • A dense coffee with notes of bittersweet chocolate, malt, raisin, pine


MauiGrown Coffee is located on the West Maui Mountains near the popular destination of Lahaina. Originally part of the former Pioneer Mill Company, the Ka’anapali Estate coffee farming operation began in 1988 alongside sugarcane production. After the Sugar Mill closed in 1999, MauiGrown Coffee was established by Kimo Falconer. Today, four varieties of Arabica coffee, Typica, Red Catuai, Mokka, and Yellow Caturra, are grown on the 500 acre farm.

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