100% Kona (12oz)

100% Kona (12oz)

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100% Kona grown coffee from Boranian Farms.

  • Tasting Notes: citrus fruit, brown sugar, apple sauce, plum

    Kona Love is produced on Boranian Farms. For 30 years they have been practicing regenerative agriculture in healthy partnership with the land. This family owned farm grows coffee along with other crops such as 'ulu, banana, taro, papaya, turmeric, ginger, dragon fruit and avocado. The primary coffee variety grown is Typica which is dried in parchment on a custom designed covered dry deck. In off seasons, this incredible oceanview space hosts special events and Rio/lamba Zouk nights.

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    Tasting notes: citrus fruit, brown sugar, apple sauce, plum

    Variety: Typica

    Process: Washed

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