100% Kona (12oz)

100% Kona (12oz)

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100% Kona grown coffee from Sunshower Farms located in Holualoa in South Kona.

  • Medium-light roast
  • Notes of deep oak, sweet chocolate and vanilla wafers


Sunshower Farms is a boutique family owned Kona coffee farm in Holualoa. They have 8 acres of coffee orchard and produce only a small amount of their estate coffee every year.  Because their farm is at 2400 ft. elevation, every afternoon, clouds and often also a thick fog rolls into the coffee orchard. So although their coffee is not technically shaded by a canopy of trees like orchards in other parts of the world, Sunshower's coffee is in fact shade grown, on account of the features of their local climate.


Sunshower's growing season is year-round, with harvest spanning from mid-August through April. Is is a long harvest season for anywhere in the world, Kona included, which is due mostly to the high elevation of their farm. In fact, their harvest season is so long that the coffee trees flower for the next year’s crop while beans from the current harvest year are still on the tree (sometimes on the same branch!). This long growing season allows the beans to mature slowly and increases their natural sugars, which can enhance the flavor of the coffee. As the coffee ripens during the harvest season, it is hand-picked, ensuring that only the ripest coffee makes it to the end cup.

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