100% Kona (12oz)

100% Kona (12oz)

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100% Kona Coffee, Kona Love at Boranian Farms

  • Tasting Notes : Baker's Chocolate, Almond, Brown Sugar, Puff Pastry 

  • Med/Dark Roast

    Aloha Star Coffee Farm is located in Honomalino Acres in South Kona. This farm is owned & operated by Karina & Armando Rodriguez. The 13 acre plot sits at an elevation of 1900 ft. They are a 100% Estate farm - this means the owners manage all stages of the production process from growing & harvesting to processing & daily farming practices; they also live on their farm, which allows them to better care for their crop. 

    This coffee is Typica variety, hand-picked, sun-dried, and processed in small batches. This specific lot is processed using the Pulped Natural (aka Honey) method, which is a water-saving processing method that also happens to result in a delicious cup of coffee!


    Tasting Notes for Aloha Star Coffee: dried cherry, brown sugar, plum, anise, chocolate, green grape

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